Sunday, February 22, 2009

Check out my NEW PHOTOS :)

Check them outtt!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

SLEEPING IN! or not.....

So the past 2 days the Sophomores had CaHSEE testing (HS Exit Exam) so everyone not a Sophomore didnt have school until 11:15. HAHA.

I thought, "YES, I CAN SLEEP IN."
But I couldnt be more wrong. I WOKE UP EARLIER.

There it is 6 in the morning and I wake up. Nope, not time I say, but I cant fall asleep.

OK. FINE. Ill wake up.

So I did.

I was like wait, this is actually great!


I meet at the bottom of the stairs, a huge pile of homework, JOY.

SO, that time I expected to be:


I HATE homework.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

California State Fair

Saturday my family went to the state fair, much better experience that Lolo's.
(read Lolo's blog before reading mine)

The corn dogs were goooood

The Entrance was fancier (Hollywood Themed)

The people watching was better (look at those shorts!)

This has to be better than the Tiger Ear

The animals were FRIENDLY

We saw a CELEBRITY. Richard Kreil, best known as Jaws in James Bond, he was also in the Adam Sandler movie, Happy Gilmore.

I dont know about you but being a block of cheese is awesome!


The California State Fair, definitely, the best around. Check it out. :)

Thanks for reading!!! Comment?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Best Sister In The World

Its the best day of the year, August 26th!!!!! Its a day so highly anticipated that theirs even a week of celebration leading up to it, its Lolo's birthday!!!! I dont have much to say other than Lauren is honestly the best sister ever and I have never wanted a different sister! So here begins an onslaught of pictures!

Lauren and I always had some pretty awesome photo shoots. These are some of the funnest times Ive ever had!!

Also, we also ALWAYS took some hilarious, crazy faced pictures (cant find them though!!!) :

And, Lolo and I!

I love you SOOO SOOOO SOOOO much Lolo! Have the best 20th birthday ever!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Favorite Television Shows!

The Mole
EASILY my favorite show. I had a "Celebrity Mole Hawaii" marathon 2 weeks ago. And "The Mole" Season one marathon this week. (Lauren I have both of those seasons on DVD if you want to borrow.) And OF COURSE I have been watching this season. So happy its back! Mark you are the mole

Big Brother
This is defintely my close 2nd favorite. Click the word Big Brother to read about it. Go Memphis!

Desperate Housewives
Ooooh how I love this show! They usually always have such good plots and I am always dying for the next episode. Definitely keeps my interest. Next season twist? The show shoots 5 years into the future!

Real World: HOLLYWOOD!
Whoo! This season was awesome especially because it was in HOLLYWOOD.

Amazing Race
LOVE. THIS. SHOW. I think one reason I really love it is because one week you are in first next week you could be out! Its so unpredictable, one false move and you lose! Such a good show.

Well there are my favorite shows. Mom, Lauren, any shows I missed? I have to have missed SOMETHING!

12 days!

In 12 days:

will be

for time and all eternity at the


WOW. Thats alot to happen in one day!
But I know Lolo is super happy so thats what counts. Skyler just needs to know:
Be ready to dance anywhere, everywhere, and around anyone and everyone.

Good luck Lolo! I love you!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Southern California!!!

Ok, so this is about 2 weeks late but what the heck. 2 weeks ago I went to Southern California.

At the beginning we went to Knotts Berry Farm. It was alot funner than I expected. I went on Roller Coasters and had alot of fun. That night we went to Downtown Disney and had dinner at ESPN Zone with a Dodgers fan, I mean um, my parents old friends the Nielsens and their daughter Tahnee. After dinner we watched some fireworks and then went back to our hotel.

The next morning we went to DISNEYLAND! It was really fun especially because I got to spend the day in Disneyland with Lauren and Skyler, definitely one of the highlights of my trip. Here are some pictures from inside the park:

My dad, Scotty and me in New Orleans square.

Scotty, Skyler and Lauren after Grizzly River Rapids. I envied them being soaked in water in 95 degree weather. I think I got maybe 5 drops. Hmph. :(

Dad, Scotty, Skyler, Lauren and Me inside California Adventure.

The next morning we woke up and it was time to go to Newport Beach! It had to have been Skylers highlight of the trip seeing as he squealed for 20 minutes about how excited he was to be there.

Lauren, Skyler, Scotty, Dad, and me.

Told you Skyler was excited!

Im sure this is the first thing he talked about back in Idaho when his roomates asked about the trip, sure of it.

Now after Newport, it was time to see Los Angeles and Hollywood! Ok, so who can guess the VERY FIRST thing we did in Hollywood?
2 clues:
Lauren was with us.
We were by the Walk of Fame stars.

Ok, that was easy, so if you missed it you are:
A. A stranger
B. Really really out of it
C, actually no C, there is no excuse for not knowing!

So anyways, we walked around Hollywood, looked at stars, watched street performers, went to Chinese Theatre, ate and then we filed to the car to take Lauren and Skyler to the Airport (NO!!!).

But wait, wait, wait, WAIT! I forgot about my moms highlight, LA INK!!! From the moment my mom walked in to the second she left I swear I thought she was gonna faint!

After LA Ink we took Lauren and Skyler to the Airport and headed down to San Diego to visit our close family friends, the Hazens. We spent the night at their house and then went to the beach the beach the next day. I love their kids so it was super fun. And I loved all the attention from cute little Payton. LOVE HER!

Payton, my Dad, and I looking for sand crabs.

This was taken after I got home but its such a nice picture of my Mom and Payton I just had to include it!

Ok, well that was my vacation, hope you enjoyed reading about it. :) Leave me a comment!